Crypto ownership is the best teacher

Owning bitcoin is the best teacher

Responses from the recent Global Crypto Literacy survey show that people who own cryptocurrency are twice as likely to answer crypto-related questions correctly when compared to people asked about crypto but who don’t own any.

On the surface, this data point makes sense. People who own crypto know more about it. Some of them might have learned about how cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies work through trial and error. Others might have learned about crypto, understood its vast potential to change how we interact on the internet, and been motivated to start using crypto or to start investing .

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This trend is probably true of most new technologies. People that use the tech, or are curious about the tech, begin a journey of self-education that ultimately leads to becoming better informed about what they are using.

On wrinkle though, crypto is not really like any other technology adoption curve we have seen so far. One reason: Crypto is not just a new gadget or a new tool. It’s actually an entirely new way of doing things, or organizing society, of conducting business, and of investing in the future. 

And sometimes crypto can feel confusing, or dense. But it doesn’t have to be. Now there are so many interesting entry points —  from trading cash for crypto to using crypto in games or for collecting art —  that hopefully the full extent of crypto and all of the use cases will resonate more widely. 

Ultimately, crypto feeling more accessible and making it more intuitive is what will drive future waves of mass adoption. And in that spirit, it’s always a good time to learn more.

Crypto educational resources

Some great places to learn more about crypto and begin a journey of education and ownership include:
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  • NFTs: Maybe 2021 will go down in the books as the year that NFTs blew up. It seems like everywhere you turn someone is talking about NFTs, and this is only the beginning. Learn more in the NFT section.
  • Security: If you are new to crypto, or if you feel like your security best practices are less than secure, then this crypto security-themed section is for you. They cover everything you need to know to feel confident interacting in a decentralized world.
One more thing: If you haven’t already, be sure to take the crypto literacy quiz!