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CryptoLiteracy.org is an industry initiative promoting broad consumer education of digital currency. Led by Coinme, CoinDesk and MoneyGram, the website is the home of the official Crypto Literacy Quiz. Readers can assess their cryptocurrency knowledge, identify gaps in their understanding, and challenge their family and friends’ digital currency proficiency. The initiative is part of Crypto Literacy Month, held each November, featuring insights from global survey participants as well as an educational curriculum curated by CoinDesk’s Crypto Explainer+ series. Download the State of Crypto Literacy report, take the Crypto Literacy Quiz, and learn more about cryptocurrency.

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Whether you’re a crypto company or passionate influencer or investor, we invite you to join our mission to improve the education and awareness of cryptocurrency around the globe.  Contact us to inquire about getting involved, we’d love to hear your ideas.  Be sure to join the conversation on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Crypto Literacy Illustration
Crypto Literacy Illustration

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