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Crypto Literacy scores are significantly higher this year than in 2022. However, only 57% of respondents globally are able to pass this basic quiz. 

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What is the smallest unit of bitcoin called?

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Did you know bitcoin is a deflationary asset

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Crypto ownership is increasing

Nearly one in three Americans now own crypto. Crypto ownership in the U.S. increased 88% YoY. In addition, interest remains strong. There was a 200% increase YoY in plans by Americans to buy or sell crypto in the next six months.


The growth in ownership and intent is promising and a sign that the developments of the past year have not deterred the American appetite for digital assets. As the industry touts, crypto is here to stay, and these numbers back it up.

Crypto ownership increased from 17% in 2021 to 32% in 2022

This infographic shows the intent to purchase increased from 12% in 2021.

This stat shows the intent to purchase increased from 12% in 2021 to 36% in 2022

Crypto Literacy Illustration


CryptoLiteracy.org™ is an industry initiative promoting broad consumer education of digital currency. Led by Coinme, CoinDesk, and MoneyGram, the website is the home of the official Crypto Literacy Quiz. Readers can assess their cryptocurrency knowledge, identify gaps in their understanding, and challenge their family and friends’ digital currency proficiency. The initiative is part of Crypto Literacy Month, held each November, featuring insights from global survey participants as well as an educational curriculum curated by CoinDesk Learn. Download the State of Crypto Literacy report, take the Crypto Literacy Quiz, and learn more about cryptocurrency.

Did you know bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency
Crypto Literacy Illustration
Crypto Literacy Illustration

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